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Boy, do I wish I could sit in a nice hot bubble bath like Ariel right now! I am super sore from yesterday's boxing, and my knees are still black and blue from the steetdance. Hahaha! I'm a mess. Morten's dad had actually moved today's dinner but neglected to tell me (even though I was the one coming to dinner!!), so I walked home and made that today's workout (4.5 km, about 50 mins). We'll reconvene Monday next week, hopefully I'll get my dinner then.

Just typing on the keyboard makes my wrists ache, so I don't really know why I'm posting an entry. Guess I just wanted to brag about how sore I am. My lower back and arms are also killing me - I've been trying to do some yoga poses (Yoga Journal has this great anatomical focus overview of poses), and they do alleviate, but only for a few moments.

The Jayhawks are playing in Oslo July 11! My favourite band, but unfortunately not the full line-up... I must admit the harmony between Mark Olson and Gary Louris is a big reason why I love the Jayhawks, so it's disappointing this is going to be without Olson. However, they've still made a lot of great music without him - it's just kind of a different band. More rock, less country.

Anywho, going to return to my lazy evening. Just realised I haven't filed my taxes yet, so that blows. It's always such a hassle, I put it off for weeks. DO NOT WANT.

Next workout: CrossTraining tomorrow
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Weekly roundup, I guess.

Omghi! I've had a pretty stressful week, I haven't felt entirely like myself. Work has not been super productive - hoping for a better week next week. Which is only three days, because of Easter! Z+BB today helped a bit with the stress - it was wonderful as always, and the people there are just great. I felt strong and balanced, and I had my super awesome Native American tank top, which I don't usually wear to Zumba, but decided to this time.

StreetDance was weird, by the way! The instructor was seriously hip-hop, he wasn't your typical gym instructor, he just sort of went straight into the coreography with no introduction or explanation. He seemed very serious about feeling the music and didn't really spend a lot of time going through the steps, so I was quite bewildered most of the time. I tried my best, though, as always! My knees are covered in bruises, but I am always proud to have bruises after a dance class! The coreography was really cool, but I didn't have a chance in hell at dancing the whole thing - it all just went too fast. After the class, I went on the treadmill as I felt that I didn't really get a full workout from the class.

Anywho, why not do another workout schedule, since I'm all about those:

Monday: Box. Kind of dreading it, I don't know, I just get a little anxious. But it's great exercise, totally hard, and feels good. I'm just still not used to relating to another person all the way through a class instead of just looking out for myself. Selfishness, I guess.
Tuesday: No workout - going to Morten's dad's family for dinner. Haven't seem them in ages, so hopefully it will be nice. I always worry about missing a workout, but one needs rest days too, right?
Wednesday: CrossTraining. Going to try to leave work early to take a 4.30 class, then go home and dump my stuff - dinner at 8 at Revolver before going to the Big Latin Party, which was just sort of decided in a hurry because I thought it looked fun! Two of my friends, who don't know one another, are also going. We should probably get tickets beforehand, but there's just so much going on at the moment, I might forget about it. Hopefully we can still get tickets at the door if I do.
Thursday: Day off! Going to Pilates, then to my aunt's birthday party / Easter dinner.
Friday: Day off! Zumba. Not a super original choice, but I noticed my fav. is holding a class at 4pm, which is just too tempting.
Saturday: Hot MOJO
Sunday: Z+BB, standard procedure! Then my mum's Easter dinner.

Monday is also a holiday, so I'll see what I'll do then.

That became slightly more of a general schedule, but that doesn't matter.

I'm trying to plan how I'm going to work out while abroad - it's so easy to just let it slip, and in four weeks, your shape can really just drop like that. I'm planning which exercises I can actually manage to do in a hotel room or similar, if I have to. According to so-and-so fitness magazine, 2-3 workouts per week should be enough just to maintain, which I hope I'll manage to do. Other than that, we'll probably also stay active, like taking long hikes and such.

I'm noticing that my eating habits are getting worse - lots of candy, alcohol and processed food really are not helping me at the moment, I've just got so lazy. I was much better earlier on in the year, with salads for dinner and everything. Lately, I've been a lot more careless. I feel like I can see it on my body, so I must try to be better. Soon...promise!

Less than a month until I leave. Seeing Morten again will be wonderful!
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Oops, I did it again

I forgot about LJ again! I guess it just goes to show that I'm keeping busy. My days consist of work, exercise and social activities. It makes time go by quicker, and before you know it I'll be on my way down to Singapore and then to NZ with Morten!

Since last time I've also had another lovely massage, I think I'm becoming addicted to luxury stuffs... Also had a few nights out which have been pretty good, like Friday when my friend Laila and I stumbled upon a Brazilian live band playing at Cafe Sør - the atmosphere was so good, it was just awesome. Good times.

I absolutely also have to mention the (very brief) return of Modern Dance Fusion, the most challenging, bad-ass, overwhelmingly awesome class I have even taken... It ran eight times this fall, and then returned for only two times just now, in March... It was so great to be back in that class, but then it was over so very quickly! It was like going cold turkey, I almost feel heartbroken. I love dancing. And being in good physical shape, with a lot of stamina, strength, and flexibility in my body, it's even more fun to take a class like that because you're actually able to keep up the whole time. IT FUCKING ROCKS. The instructors are wonderfully committed, talented and inspirational, I just love them. I know I have probably mentioned them before. LOVELOVELOVE. I got to have a long talk with one of them after Zumba and BodyBalance today, I was so happy. Today's Z+BB was also very enjoyable, by the way. Good atmosphere, good workout, good times. All smiles.

In spite of having quite a boozy weekend (out on Friday, girls night in yesterday), I also managed to drag myself to CrossTraining yesterday at 1pm. I had not trained with that instructor before, and CT classes are always so different, depending on the instructor. There were eight stations, and we went to each one four times. The worst ones were side plank and reverse flyes, probably. (I'm super sore today!) I got good feedback from the instructor on my deadlift, which was great, because I have actually been doing that a lot and it's good to know my technique is on. She said I have good control of my back, and she wanted me to push harder by lowering the bar to my ankles instead of just to my knees. The weights were also heavier than the ones I usually lift - 10 kg on each side. I was a bit worried because I have not done any real lifting since those tummy troubles in BodyPump, which is about a month ago, but it went fine! I'm also thankful for the individual feedback, which is always very useful.

I might be brave and attempt BP again before leaving for Singapore and NZ. We'll see. Next week's workout schedule looks like this though:

Monday: AshtangaYoga (90 min)
Tuesday: Yoga morning class (6.30, ouch! Let's see if I actually manage to go...) (Haha, NOPE!! I am writing this edit Tuesday evening. When my alarm went off at 5 am, I just thought... I JUST went to yoga yesterday, and I'm going to have to shower and put on makeup at the gym before going to work and it all just seemed so unnecessary there under the covers at sunrise... So yeah, that's a big fat no right there, and I feel fine about it. Rest day, then!)
Wednesday: double dance: DanceAerobic and then Zumba
Thursday: CrossTraining (yup, I'm into it now...)
Friday: StreetDance (oops, scary! but I really want to dance more, even if it's nothing like MDF...)
Saturday: SatsEnergy
Sunday: Z+BB, standard procedure :D

OK, I should shut up now. I'm grateful for my progress and for feeling good. Thankyouthankyou.
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Oh, man.

The weekend just came and went, didn't it? I'm still struggling with a bit of tummy trouble, which caused me to have to give up my second attempt at BodyPump this week (Friday). Urgh, what a terrible way to start off the weekend! I didn't feel too bummed out, though - decided to just go home and relax.

So the week was relatively calm - didn't work out Tuesday or Thursday (went out with my old friend for Mexican that night, which was great!), but went to Bodyjam and yoga on Wednesday. The Bodyjam was not planned - my beloved zumba instructor was ill, and so they had to replace the class with something else at the last minute as no other zumba instructors were available to fill in. Only four people showed up for Bodyjam! I guess people get a little scared of new things. That would have been me a couple of years ago, too - not now. I am actually completely fearless when it comes to new classes. The class was pretty fun, but I still much prefer zumba. The yoga afterwards was very good and relaxing. I also went to hot yoga yesterday, which was absolutely elating. It was a different programme than the usual one, and every pose was healing in some way. We did a very long squat, which is actually a very natural pose for the body, but in the west we are so used to sitting on chairs that it's very difficult to squat for a long time. The instructor, who was actually very funny despite keeping a serious face at all times, said we should all try to squat while reading the paper or going to the bathroom (the last one made me burst out laughing into my towel as I was wiping my face), and that it's much more natural to do one's business while squatting than sitting on a toilet. The mood in the class was very good, it was a wonderful Saturday morning.

Today it was my usual Zumba/BodyBalance double bill, and the beloved instructor was back! So it was great. There's a new BB programme, I'm going to miss the old one as I liked it very much. Especially the beautiful "Insane" by Flume as the tai-chi warmup song, and also a great Warrior sequence to "Only You" by Ellie Goulding. Beautiful stuff.

I've decided to stay off BodyPump for a while as my tummy apparently can't handle it at the moment. It's a little worrying, but I'll just try again in a while and see how I go. It really sucks having to leave in the middle of a class, which I did on Friday. Oh, well. Instead of going to my favourite BP class tomorrow, I'm trying Yin-Yang Yoga and Organic Bodywork again - hopefully the heater will be working properly again so I'll get the full experience this time!

Listening to a great indie-folk playlist (not mine) on Spotify and just relaxing now - it's pretty great. Spent the afternoon at my mum's eating lunch, planning our joint birthday party and watching sports.

Work is pretty hectic at the moment, loads going on, and plenty of new challenges constantly presenting themselves. Hoping for a lot of focus and capability. Go self.

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Next workout: Yin-Yang Yoga tomorrow
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All kinds of gratitude...

Yes, this is going to be a post about gratitude. Let me just do these in random order.

This evening, at BodyPump, I suddenly got a really bad stomach ache. It was absolutely horrible. I kind of had to give up for the last 20 mins or so of the class, because I was feeling so bad - that's never happened before. I might have pushed myself a bit too hard on the first day of my period, also probably hadn't eaten enough. I went from feeling great to feeling shaky and whimpering in no time. I wanted to leave the class, but I'd have to put away all my equipment while everyone else was still carrying on. I ended up just kind of doing nothing for a while, standing there looking pale. Must have been an odd sight. When I finally got out of the class, I took two painkillers and went straight into a hot shower. When I started to feel a bit better, I went into the sauna and kind of just plonked down on the bench for a while. I decided not to stress for the bus, but just stay however long it took. Finally I was feeling OK to get up. On the way home, I got a big Snickers and a regular Coke - it was the only thing I wanted, and it was awesome! Now I feel fine. A little shaken up, and quite exhausted, but so so grateful that the pain is gone.

And right now! Just before I started this post, one of my contacts started acting up so I went to take them out, only to discover the left one had split in two on my eyeball. Pure fun! It was so hard to get it out, because it was basically just a small piece at the top of my eye, almost impossible to get ahold of. When it finally came out, I was crying with relief. Going to bed with piece of a contact in my eye was not my idea of a good night. So, super grateful that it's out.

Grateful for an amazing weekend as well. It started with CrossTraining again, which was pretty brutal, but also great. On Saturday, Marta and I went to Farris Bad for the whole day. It's a spa about 1.5 hr drive from here, where you can buy a pass for the whole day and also have lunch in your robe. We spent the whole day in the different pools, tubs and saunas, and even ended up having a sauna treatment called "aufguss", where you basically... No, I've been trying to think how to explain it for a while now, so I am just copy-pasting a paragraph from Wikipedia:

What is aufguss?Collapse )

So there you go. The guy running the session (the saunameister, I guess) actually placed balls of ice on the hot stones - first ice with lime, then ice with lavender, and finally ice with sweet orange and black pepper. Each them was unique with its own health benefits, and you could just feel how your skin and body and soul responded to the treatment. So nice! Finally, he recommended taking a dip in the fjord, which was just outside and down some steps - I was shocked, but I immediately felt that I wanted to do it. Kind of like when I went sky-diving. Like, if I don't do this, I'm going to regret it, even though it scares me! The temperature was 0.8 degrees C... It was horrible, yet exhilarating and felt absolutely wonderful afterwards. The aufguss was the best part of the whole day. Ahhhh. Good day. I would never have thought to go, it was Marta's idea. It's so nice to do something completely out of the ordinary sometimes. Gratitude for that.

Then yesterday, I went to BodyBalance (Zumba got cancelled, boo), and in the evening to a party at The Broker because one of my friends is on the reality show "Hele Norge baker" (baking/pastry contest, I think it exists in other countries as well) this season and we all watched it there and had dinner and champagne. Whey! I met some old friends I hadn't seen in a long time, which was incredible. We really had a very good time. My friend Siri has stepped out of hiding, which is great! She's been through major changes, just like me, well not just like me because our changes are our own and unique, but we've both undergone big emotional changes and it's great to be back in each other's lives. We're going out for Mexican on Thursday. It's literally been a hundred years since we had regular contact. So...more gratitude.

And finally: On Friday my boss confirmed that I will get FOUR weeks off in a row to be able to visit Morten, and we'll go to New Zealand. There's a huge difference between three and four weeks when you haven't seen your boyfriend in five months and also are traveling so far. I was so happy, I couldn't believe it. No one usually gets four weeks off all at once. GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE!

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Finally an update...

...and yes, you bet it's going to be all exercise-y. Today I am very sore from overdoing it yesterday - I like doing two classes in a row, but ideally they should complement one another. Yesterday I didn't get on the Hot MOJO class I wanted to go to, so out of frustration (or something) I changed to SatsEnergy directly followed by BodyPump. Which basically means intense cardio and strength followed by more strength. Nope! Not a super idea. I was not able to lift as much as I usually do because I had already worked so hard, I could barely get the bar up over my head and onto my shoulders for the squats. In addition to that, the instructor was one of the biggest hard-asses - she wanted us to pretty much sit down on the step for each squat, which has resulted in the aforementioned soreness in my thighs. I actually really like waking up sore in the morning, but ouch too.

On Monday I had another go at Yin-Yang Yoga, which I wasn't a huge fan of after the first time. But this time it was great. It might have been because it was my favourite instructor, whose Zumba and BodyBalance class I normally take on Sundays. The YYY was followed by Organic Bodywork, which takes place in a hot room, but this time the heater was broken :( So it was a disappointing first time. I guess I'll have to go back to try again. She told me that Modern Dance Fusion might be making a return after Easter, so that's very exciting! MDF was, for me, life-changing. It made me realise I can do things that I didn't think I could, and it gave me more courage and confidence to try other classes that maybe I would have thought were "out of my league". The coreography was also amazing, even the warm-up coreography was great, and she said they probably will use the same coreography this time, and a new one in the fall. I hope it happens, I know I'm not the only one who would be totally excited to take the class again! We had such a nice chat, I was feeling all happy and smiley afterwards.

Otherwise it's pretty much been my "regular" schedule. I have started going to Soma Move again, which is an awesome, unusual and super hard class which I love to hate, hate to love. The animal-inspired movements are just mad and crazy intense. You never hear people breathing and moaning so loudly in any other class. It's great, you really feel like you're in it together :D The instructor is also really tough and demands a lot from everyone, which I appreciate. I like being pushed.

That was a big fat workout post. Now I'm going to have my silly urban lunch from Wayne's Coffee (such a nice place to go to after the gym!).

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Suddenly a few weeks went by and I didn't post. I'm not going to recap everything that's happened since last post, but yay, I am still here. I was actually sick this week, which was a shock to me, because I do really never get sick. I've spent a few days feeling "out of myself", if you know what I mean, just not feeling entirely like myself and feeling on the outside of every situation. It feels very bizarre and I just want to get back to normal.

So, maybe another post soon? We'll see!
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I'll get straight to the point, the workout schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday: BodyPump (awesome this time! third BP in one week)
Tuesday: Pilates
Wednesday: Zumba (with my fav instructor, I've missed her!)
Thursday: BodyCombat
Friday: no workout, going to a concert
Saturday: SatsEnergy (with another one of my favs)
Sunday: Zumba/BodyBalance :)

And on Monday of next week, one of my colleagues has talked me into trying Box, where you actually box with other people using gloves and stuff, HELP! But I like pushing my boundaries, so I'll be brave!

I am literally freezing to death right now. Yes, this should be heard in the voice of Chris Traeger. I have a blanket around me, but my hands typing on the keyboard are super cold. Also my nose. I think I need to stop - have to pay some bills and then just get my hands back under the blanket.

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What a weekend!

This weekend's been pretty amazing and luxurious. Okay, it just took me four attempts to type luxurious, maybe I should give up on this blog post right now.

No, here we go. The weekend started with CrossTraining on Friday afternoon. This is not the luxurious part. I was terrified! I'd heard so much about how tough it is. And it was! There were five stations - I had expected that we keep switching stations lots and lots of times, but we only went to each station once. Spent about four minutes on each, doing two sets of two exercises. The worst one was standing on our hands with our legs up the wall! I thought the instructor was kidding at first. People were like, uhuhuhuh, laughing nervously! I managed to do it, somehow. But I couldn't stay up for the full 45 seconds. Crazy stuff! In retrospect, I think it would have been beneficial to do a cardio class before the CrossTraining, believe it or not. I just felt that my heart rate didn't really go up until about halfway through. My body also felt cold and unprepared for the millions of burpees that were at the end of the class, as a "bonus because we have extra time", quote the instructor. Or maybe it was just because it was my first time, and it's hard to give 100% when you're not familiar with the class.

Saturday: Laundry. BodyPump. Facial. Shopping. Girls night. Yeah, this is the luxury part. The facial was AMAZING. The spa itself was so great that I have already booked a massage there, but it's not until the end of March. I figure I can treat myself then. The therapist was very likeable, I don't know what it was about her, we just clicked somehow, even though we didn't talk that much. But she got me talking about my skin and other things in a very natural and relaxed way, she's probably very good at her job. Have booked with her again. Even the coffee I had in the waiting room was absolutely delicious. This place is not kidding around. Facebook likes all around.

After the facial, I was really only going to try to get a new top or something for the girls night out, but I ended up on a big ol' shopping spree. It's strange how you always find a thousand things you love when you're not really looking. When you ARE trying to find certain garments and really need to buy something, you never find anything. I got two shirts which work both as party and work clothes, pants, boots, socks, wool undershirt, two stringy tops. I wore the new shirt in the evening and got lots of compliments. We had a great time, but the place we went out to only played these French 60s songs - like constantly. I think they were trying to be extra hip and weird. I really wanted to dance though, so I did.

Chatted with Morten on WhatsApp while waiting for the night bus - the night bus not showing up on time when it's a thousand degrees below zero in the middle of the night, is bullshit. But Morten kept me company, which was lovely. He had just woken up as it was already morning in Brunei, where he's been on a mini vacation for the past few days. He got his diving certificate, which is a big deal to him! I don't like diving at all, I must admit it makes me very claustrophobic. It's a bummer I can't share that with him, and I do worry about him when he goes diving - but he should do what he enjoys and have fun. He sent me a pic from the boat, and he was so cute I could just die. I want to skype, but it's already 9.30pm there, he probably has to study and/or go to bed soon.

On the way home I bought a big ham and cheese baguette and a Coke Zero and ended up having a midnight snack/breakfast at 3am. Awesome breakfast! I believe it helped me avoid a hangover, although I did feel like hell when I woke up at some point to go to the bathroom. Then, a few hours later, I woke up again and had a long phone chat with my friend who threw the girls night party last night. Lying in bed, talking on the phone after a night out can be pretty awesome in itself. Watched Adventure Time and got freaked out by the Tree Trunks episode. Yeah, I love Adventure Time too. Only season one is on Netflix, what's the deal with that? In true me style, I am on about my third watching cycle in just a few months.

Since I missed my regular Sunday classes today, I am going to SatsEnergy later today. I might be going at it too hard, I'm not sure. I just know I love it. I feel good. Right now I am watching Parks (shock!) and laughing so much my stomach is hurting. I love, love, love that episode with the Snake Juice, it's just packed with highlights. I think Andy throwing up as he begins to run down the hall is one of the greatest TV moments of all time. I seem to go for puking on TV. I also love the cold open on The Office where everybody throws up. Hahahahahahahahaha.

Next workout: SatsEnergy today at 5pm
Current weight: 58.3 kg (noooes! It was 57.6 only a couple of days ago, why didn't I post then to show off?)
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Everybody pants now!

Pants - pants, pants, pants, pants.

I just ate my way through the five Parks seasons I have access to, so now I've started from the beginning again. I'm the worst! When I like something, I bury myself in it. I caught a few newer Parks episodes on the plane back from Singapore (or was it to? don't remember exactly), and they were AWESOME! I miss watching Parks with Morten, and The Office, and all the other shows we are completely addicted to. I've now downloaded WhatsApp because then it's easier to stay in touch during the day.

Time to catch up to the latest events... Last week, I did manage to go to that Hot MOJO class, but the New Years party at work was so good I did NOT get out of bed for SatsEnergy on Saturday. Too bad, because I love that class, but my whole body was screaming NO! I went to bed at 4 the night before, so no wonder. Also, a little too much wine and way too much barefoot dancing/jumping. My ankles! I WILL count that as Friday's workout, though! All the other classes from last week's schedule commenced as planned.

This week, we are looking at:

Monday: Zumba (evening class, not my super favourite instructor)
Tuesday: BodyPump (7 am class, ouch)
Wednesday: no class, going to get my hair did!
Thursday: BodyCombat (still on the waiting list...fingers crossed)
Friday: Cross Training
Saturday: BodyPump
Sunday: SatsEnergy (skipping my usual Sunday double bill because of a party Saturday night)

I am just realizing I have not booked any kind of yoga, pilates or other "calm" class for this week... Oops. Anywho.

Watching: Parks season 1 again, what!
Next workout: BodyCombat, I hope
Current weight: 58.0 kg, what!
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